Mural grants for Central St Leonards shops and houses

£300 – £1,500 grants available

Does your shop have a plain shutter that could use a splash of colour, or does your business or home have a flank wall that would lend itself to a new work of art?

And if you are an artist who works on a big scale with public murals would you like a new commission?

A better looking town is a safer town

Safer St Leonards has £10,000 available to pay for new artworks in the area and we hope to be able to fund a range of projects.

To apply for a grant for your property or put your name forward as an artist (see terms and conditions below) just complete this short form:

How it works

Property owners

Once we have your expression of interest we will get in touch to let you know if, in principle, we can fund a mural on your property.

We will be looking at several things, including:

  • How visible is the wall or shutter to the public
  • Has the wall or shutter been prone to graffiti damage in the past
  • How easy will the job be to complete (i.e. will it require specialist access equipment if it is very high, etc)
  • Are there any concerns from planning?

If we agree the project in principle we would ask you to chose an artist to work with, either from the sumbissions we receive and which will be displayed on this page – see below – or someone else you have found yourself.

We would then need to see a brief outline of the proposed artwork before final agreement is made to fund the work to go ahead.

Grants will range from between £300 and £1,500 depending upon the scale of the project.


In sending in your details you agree to your contact details being published on this web page along with submitted examples of your work.

You may ask for these to be removed at any time.

there is no guarantee of commissioned work, but you may be contacted by property owners to discuss a project.

Eligible properties are within the shaded area


If you own a property and are looking to apply for a grant to have your building decorated here are a selection of local artists to approach for ideas and prices.

Luke Brabants


Painted Ladies


Nicola Jones


John Pope


Euan Roberts

Jack Thurgar


Sarah Gillings MA (AKA S.o.S.)

Phone  07342799420