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Helping homes and shops to cut down on burglary and theft through improved security measures and better communication between neighbours and the police.

Our business survey is live and we are receiving some great responses:

“With the most recent drug dealer on the street, several of us shopkeepers continually reported to Crimestoppers. He was eventually arrested and evicted. Good news all round!”

PCC Katy Bourne on the BBC News

Katy Bourne visited st Leonards again this week to talk on the BBC about the investment her office has secured for the town.

About Safer St Leonards

We have secured  over £400k from the Home Office to make lasting changes

From gated alleyways and upraded lighting to CCTV, better shop security systems,  and an enhanced Shopwatch network, Safer St Leonards will see a dramatic cut in the number of opportunites for criminals to steal from you.

Our projects

The Safer St Leonards project has a multi-pronged approach to reducing crime in the area. What is most important is that we will be working with local residents and businesses to ensure the work we do meets your needs.

Community input

Our team will be asking for your ideas – and listening

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Business support

If you own a business in the area we want to help you

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Residential security

We can pay for many home security measures

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The environment

Mural grants now available for homes and shops

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Our Partnership

Safer St Leonards is delivered by the following organisations:

Sussex Police

Crime prevention and investigation

Sussex Police Crime Commissioner

Project sponsor

Hastings Borough Council

Project oversight

Hastings Business Crime Reduction Partnership

Business support

Heart of Hastings

Community liaison

Safer Hastings Partnership

Partnership support


The leading independent charity supporting anonymous crime reporting

Neighbourhood Watch

Comunity support

Contact us

We are waiting to hear from you if you have any information or ideas that will help us to cut crime in the area

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