For residential properties

For homes within our area (Central St Leonards only – SEE MAP BELOW) we were able to increase the security of residential property. Funds were made available to those in the greatest need – and we particularly focused on shared HMOs and properties in parts of the area where we knew there had been a track-record of burglaries and other thefts.

Door and window locks

Does your current door lock meet the standards set by your insurance company? That’s a question vey few people know the answer to. We helped make sure the answer is YES.

Lighting and CCTV

Thieves like to work in the dark when nobody can see them. We helped light up property to deter unwanted visitors.

Alarm systems

When you are away from home and someone decides to pay you an unwanted visit make sure your house alarm is working properly – annual services are recommended.

For business properties

Don’t let criminals eat into your profit! Let us help you to make it harder for people to steal from you – and easier to catch those who do.


Upgraded or fitted

Shop shutters

Protect your windows and your stock

Free radios

Stay in touch with neigboiuring businesses

Shopwatch membership

Free membership of thhe Hasting Shopwatch intelligence network

Safer St Leonards

Our funding 
is targeted at homes and businesses in Central St Leonards

We were only able to provide help for properties within the shaded boundary on this map.