What does new Safer Streets funding mean for residents?

The Safer Streets Fund aimed to help residents feel safer in their homes and reduce acquisitive crime such as burglary, robbery and car theft. Central St Leonards was allocated Safer Streets funding, and Heart of Hastings were commissioned to meet with residents here, getting valuable local input. We listened to your concerns, perspectives and ideas for improvements. Funding was earmarked for capital changes, and we wanted to learn what you think would be most helpful.

We wanted changes in St Leonards to be truly informed by all of you who live, work and visit the area.

How did Heart of Hastings engage with local communities?

Heart of Hastings CLT took a community organising approach; and their community organisers tried to to meet with and listen to the opinions of all residents in the area (see the map to find your street). They also researched and contacted existing neighbourhood safety and community groups so the opinions and concerns they gathered reflected the views of as many people as possible.