Help for businesses

Eligible businesses

There are almost
180 eligible businesses in Central St Leonards

We can help you if you are in Kings Road, the bottom end of London Road, Silchester Road, most of Norman Road, Western Road, or the seafront from the junction with London Road along to the pier.

All eligible businesses listed here
Business support leaflet (PDF)

Download a PDF of the business support leaflet we are handing out to shops in the town.

Wayleave agreement

This is our standard agreement to place CCTV systems in business premises to monitor the area.

Retail crime survey 2020

Read the results of the UK retail crime survey 2020.

Business crime survey

Don’t forget
to complete our crime survey as we need your views

The survey is important to you as well as us because it will help shape the support we provide to businesses in Central St Leonards.


Pan and tilt cameras for live tracking

Safer St Leonards will be installing a number of cameras to monitor the streets where most of the local shops are located.

These PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras mean that if incidents are reported as they happen the culprits can be tracked in real time.

Hi-definition fixed cameras with a wide field of view

For times when things have happened and it is necessary to look back at CCTV images to obtain evidence it’s iportant that as wide an area as possible is covered in the highest definition.

With multiple lenses and capture sensors modern camera systems can produce 32Mb panoramic images that are crystal clear.